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Surviving Life with Laughter ......$10.00
Stephen's first book on using humor in life. It is a testimony and record of what all mankind should believe in and endorse each day to enhance personal relationships, better the workplace, and to encourage all human beings to take a deep breath and. . . laugh!

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Humor by the Dozen ......$10.00
Stephen and eleven of his funniest comrades got together for this one! Here are a dozen humorists, motivational speakers and down-right really funny guys and gals!

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Never Take Comedy from a Stranger ......$10.00
In this new book Stephen makes us laugh at ourselves in the natural environment of normal everyday occurrences. His wit is habit-forming and will always keep you laughing.

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Please God, Don't Let Me Laugh Now! ......$10.00
A comical and inspirational observation of one of God's splendid gifts to mankind - man and womankind. Steve and a few of his favorite people of the cloth gather a virtual cornucopia of whimsical anecdotes and thoughts together in this wonderful book.

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Just Plane Funny ......$10.00
Are you a "Road Warrior"? Then this book is for you! Overflowing with funny stories from seasoned "Road Warriors" as well as travel agents, flight attendants, pilots, and others. This book is sure to make your next airport wait a little more bearable.

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