Leading the Way in Customer Service Excellence

How does a company keep a client's loyalty? With increased competition from Internet services, customers can demand "great" customer service. If they don't get it from your company, they will go somewhere else! Creative customer service means fast turnaround, sincere courtesy and unqualified respect. The personal touch given to each customer is often a deciding factor for consumers.

Who is our customer? Leading the Way looks at working with the external customer - those paying for services or goods from an organization - as well as the internal customer. This workshop recognized that the success of any company or organization is dependent upon keeping the internal customer satisfied as well. The internal customer being each and every person who works for a company or organization.

Leading the Way is a one to three hour workshop that will introduce strategies for real-world situations. Motivational trainer Stephen Kissell, CSP offers dynamic tactics on how to reduce stress, improve employee morale, and increase job performance. Through this innovative and thought-provoking program, participants will also learn the necessary skills to deal with customers in a positive, creative and constructive manner.

Keeping customers is more important than serving customers!


  • Participants will enhance internal and external customer relations.
  • Participants will create an environment of success for employees.
  • Participants will recognize the changing marketplace.
  • Participants will attain a customer-focused attitude.
  • Participants will discover "The Ten Points of Life" of customer service.