Laughter in Leadership

In the face of today's rapidly changing world, the need for quality leadership exists in all sectors of the workplace. To stem the tide of an overworked, stressed workforce, leaders must have the knowledge that will instruct employees on how to reduce conflict, increase morale, make the workplace a more enjoyable and productive environment.

Motivational humorist, philosopher, and author Stephen Kissell offers thought-provoking, innovative solutions on techniques to make the necessary changes in order to create an environment of success and creative harmony for your organization.

The five categories listed below are covered during this program. However, items may be added or deleted to structure the program based on the needs of your organization.

Introduction Greeting Ice Breaker
Psychological Leadership Test Personality Style Quiz

Are we prepared to share the joy of leadership?
Team building potential
Spreading enthusiasm
Maximizing potential

Are we prepared for change?
Implementing vision
Continuous improvements
Motivation of employees

Are we dedicated to correct and creative communications?
Judging what we hear
Maintaining public trust

Do we have ownership?
Are we committed?
Dedicated to quality service?

Do leaders really laugh?
Benefits of laughter
Stress awareness
Stress remedies