Public Speaking 101

The spoken word is one of the most powerful message carriers. Despite recent technological advances we must still be able to share important information while keeping our audience interested and entertained. How can this be accomplished when the information is 'dry' or technical? How can a technical talk be turned into a powerful presentation? How do you start putting a presentation together?

Stephen Kissell shares the inside tips from his professional speaking experience. After more than 1,000 presentations he is able to help organizations get the most from their staff's experiences. Discover how important humor is to any presentation and when to use it. Understand how to look for humor and how it can help create a memorable presentation. Learn the mechanics of speech writing; how to grab their attention and keep it!

The ideal situation is for this to be a one-day workshop. However, classes may be broken into 75-90 minute sessions to accommodate scheduling.


  • Participants will cover speech writing from structure to delivery.
  • Learn fun ways to add pizzazz to a program.
  • Discover ways to make audio visual work for instead of against you.
  • Learn how and when to add humor to a presentation.
  • Recognize ways to expand your market and where to market.
  • Explore ways to "punch up" your presentation with powerful tips.