Surviving Life with Laughter

Would you like an after-dinner speaker that will involve your entire audience in laughter and activities? Are you looking to start a convention/conference in a fun and upbeat way? Would you like to provide your staff with a program full of audience participation that will have them laughing, relaxed, and ready to tackle the heavier issues? Or do you need a closing speaker that will have folks saying, "Wow! I had such a good time at this conference and I learned so much too!"

Then "Surviving Life with Laughter" is the program for your group. Stephen tailors his signature keynote to fit your time allowance and goals. He continually updates this program with new activities so that clients can enjoy the program over and over.

For our clients that need CEU credit:
Objectives which will be explored

  • Participants will be able to give at least three examples of the effects of humor.
  • Participants will be able to give an example of the uses of humor in communication.
  • Participants will be able to state the two dangers of stress and how to avoid them.
  • Participants will demonstrate the use of creative humor in the workplace.
  • And - most importantly - participants will laugh and enjoy themselves!

Sample Outline

Please make note that these ideas are not necessarily in exact order of presentation. Items may be added or deleted to structure the program based on individual groups.

  1. Introduction
  2. Group Participation
  3. What happens when we laugh:
    - to our bodies - to our minds
  4. Laughter as a Communicator
  5. Learn specific techniques on how to use humor in the workplace
    - policies - breaks - office etiquette
  6. Introduce methods on developing and improving our sense
    of humor
  7. Laughter as a therapeutic tool in coping with stress
  8. Closure and Review