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Stephen can adapt his programs for virtually any industry. Read what clients from across the nation have said about his performance:

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"Thanks for getting the meeting started in such a positive way. The evaluation forms submitted from the participants were glowing; everyone raved about your presentation. It was just right!"

- Gwen baker, CPPB, Department of Management Services, Tallahassee

"You exceeded our expectations. For our closing speaker we were looking for an energetic, interesting, and fun session to send our Training Coordinators home with a smile. You were completely successful in achieving this goal for us!"

- Pamela Vocke, Department of Health and Human Services, Center for Medicaid and State Operations, Baltimore, MD

"Steve go our staff very involved by engaging them in activities. Even the least-likely, most-reserved participants ended up in the front of the room having a good time."

- Kim Werning, Food and Nutrition Services, North Kansas City Schools

"Simply said WOW! You outperformed our wildest expectations. Our staff came away from these presentations with a spring in their step and a sincere appreciation for the opportunity to have been a part of the experience. The ratings for these presentations were the highest received."

- Arthur MacManus, General Manager, Double Tree Hotel, Charlottesville, VA


"Thanks so much for going the extra mile for us, your presentation was truly well received and we most appreciated the lighthearted message that we all need to work as a team. This was our first retreat and after such great reviews, it will not be our last!"

- Donna Stewart, Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters

"Our group really enjoyed the unique way you delivered the message of leadership, success and how we affect those we lead, all while having the best time of our lives!"

- Mimsy Abara-Maulino, Kaiser Permanente

"You have the prestigious honor of having the only standing ovation in past 8 years of our convention!"

- Wendi Elder, California Association of Hospital Administrator Management

"Your presentation was very well received. People enjoyed the opportunity to just laugh. I received nothing but positive comments about your presentation."

- Bradley Sexauer, Danville Regional Health System

"Steve was just what we expected and the crowd loved him! He was a pleasure to work with; he made the evening relaxed and enjoyable."

- David Loy, Chesapeake General Hospital

"Your reviews have been outstanding! You allowed everyone, if just for a few minutes, to forget concerns and worries and just laugh and have fun. You reminded us how much we think of each other, not only as colleagues, but also as friends. And you reminded us how much there is to enjoy in life."

- William Harrison, Jr. Virginia/District of Columbia American Red Cross State Service Council

"There is no question that your presentation was the highlight of the meeting. I truly believe that your suggestions for "surviving life with laughter" will reach far beyond one evening entertainment."

- Joan Rothrauff, President, Alzheimers Association, Hampton Roads Chapter

"It was wonderful to see your humor stretch across all spectrums in attendance, i.e. participants, vendors, sales and corporate representatives. I never grow tired of your ability to take an ordinary life situation and make people laugh about it and themselves."

- Anne Evans, Hill-Rom Home Care

"Humor goes a long way in the health care field as we are faced with so many 'heavy' issues on a day-to-day basis. We have had many great comments about the evening and a number of folks said they laughed until they cried."

- Karen Tucker, Chesapeake General Hospital

"Your presentation was most enjoyable as you interacted with our staff in both a professional and person manner!"

- Stephanie Montgomery, Mary Immaculate Hospital

"On behalf of the many Breast Cancer survivors I want to thank you for your wonderful presentation. You always seem to have the knack of saying the right thing at the appropriate time. Our participants howled, giggled, and chuckled their way to a positive attitude that evening. They then took this feeling of good health away with them and hopefully retained it for many days to follow."

- Renee Heyman, Breast Services, Sentara Healthcare

"Once again the participants loved you! Ninety-four percent of the participants rated your presentation 'excellent'. It was fun to see the serious members of the group laugh uncontrollably."

- Donna Littlefield, Florida Hospital Association

"I had so many favorable comments about your presentation. You did an excellent job! I would recommend your presentation to anyone of any profession."

- Toni Emory, Association of South Carolina Oncology Managers

"All of the attendees remarked positively about your program. You are excellent entertainer and truly creative educator. Your program exceeded our expectations."

Stephen Reich, M.D. Parkinson's Disease Center, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Housing & Development

"The staff meeting was a roaring success according to the feedback that I have received from staff members. It was shared with me by several staff members that this was the best quarterly staff meeting that we have ever had."

- Pearl Anderson, Director of Administrative Services. VHDA

"Our members couldn't stop laughing and neither could I. It will be difficult to top this next year. Thank you again for doing a wonderful job (and making my job easier.)"

- Chris English, Michigan Association of Home Builders

"The Board of Directors all agreed you were a big hit! I can't remember when I laughed so hard for so long; what a great feeling."

- Christine Doberneck, Hampton Roads Apartment & Management Association


"I don't remember ever hearing more laughter from this group in one evening! Many of our members commented how they enjoyed your uplifting messages mixed with humor. The evening was JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED!"

- Pat Horvat, Nashville Dental Society

Human Resources

"Your approach to life is both positive and humorous, which eludes many people. Keep up the outstanding work and keep everybody laughing."

- John Aubrey, Midwest Business Consulting

"Our conference set all time highs in attendance, exhibits, sponsorships and profit, and your presentations played a significant part in the conference's success. For the record, your luncheon presentation had the largest attendance ever."

- Glenda Kramer, TSF Communications Corporation

"People were amazed at how much better they felt, how long it had been since they had really laughed and relaxed, and what an important ingredient it is for feeling good. You helped us to recognize that we need more humor in our everyday lives."

- Audrey Hellner, Johnson Controls

"Your presentation was educational and enlightening, and most certainly added great value to our conference attendees' program, and contributed to what we believe was a successful and FUN experience for all."

- Laurie Burger, Richmond HRMA

"I am happy to provide you with the following results for your session. On a scale of 1 (excellent) to 4 (poor) your session scores are 1.13 average for program and 1.06 average for speaker. This ranks you among our top ten highly rated speakers at the Annual Conference."

- A. Vaughan Limbrick, Society for Human Resource Management

Not only did you help to improve the morale of our staff but we want you back! We have heard nothing but positive feedback.

- T.G., Regional Comptroller, West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources


"We received many compliments on what a great way in which you opened our conference. We were impressed that you met with us the day before to understand better our needs and your presentation was an example of clean and educational humor."

- M. Bergeron, Executive Director Community Services Boards, Virginia

"I have heard nothing but great reviews. I have read through most of the evaluations and everyone really enjoyed your keynote and your breakout session. I will always have the image of the lady wearing the hat (in the second or third row) standing up, turning in a circle, and laughing so hard."

-A.Favor Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation

"The information you provided to our participants enhanced their professional and personal growth."

- Nancy Keenan, City of Virginia Beach

"We feel fortunate that we chose you to provide us with the opportunity for humorous insights on teamwork and the work setting. All of our staff members really did seem to enjoy the sessions."

- Judy Mallory, Department of Social Services, City of Suffolk

"I was only going to stay a few minutes after my welcome to the group, but after you began I could not drag myself away. You were absolutely wonderful. I don't know when I have laughed so hard."

- Dr. James Holley III, City of Portsmouth

"Your appearance and presentation was extremely well received and allowed our office the time to simply enjoy ourselves. I have heard nothing but positive comments."

- Bill Bulluck, Office of Family Health Services, Virginia Department of Health

"We received a lot of very positive feedback on (your seminar). Because of the nature of our profession, it is beneficial to be reminded that having a sense of humor can help us cope with and balance the seriousness of the circumstances that we encounter on a daily basis."

- Gerald Gregory, Virginia State Policy Association

"Your presentation was wonderful! You enthusiastically involved our entire group in personality testings, games, and even a newspaper fashion show, yet continued to weave in our teamwork and unity theme."

- Janice Windle, United States District Court, Eastern District of VA

"We cannot express our gratitude any better than the participant comments received during the evaluation phase of the program as follows: 'Mr. Kissell was LOL! I can't stop laughing. He is a keeper for this course. He reminded me that laughter is the best medicine for the mind, body and spirit.'"

- Carol Walker, Alpha Solutions Corporation

"Never before have I seen our organization enjoy a speaker more. Throughout this unit, I've heard people rave about your presentation and speak in amazement that you could keep a group of almost a hundred people laughing for tow hours."

- Sharon Jaronezyk, Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Juvenile Justice

"The greatest tribute to you is that we have had you speak to our group three times! The only time we had complaints is the year you were not there."

- F. Bailey, Retreat Planning Committee, Association of Legal Administrators


"We learned and laughed a lot. Loved the group participation and the challenges presented. lt's amazing what a group can do with newspapers and a piece of masking tape. The day was entertaining, educational, and delightful. Steve’s presentation was fantastic and enjoyed by all in attendance. We will definitely consider him again for our future meetings."

- Tish Glosh, President, 2011-2012 CLAHS Staff Association

"Your presentation was one of the most fun events we have ever had, and employees are still telling me how much they enjoyed it. It was obvious from the roars of laughter that everyone enjoyed it."

- Carol Clark, Hampton City Schools Administrative Center

"I sincerely appreciate the care and concern you demonstrated for us by your efforts to know us and our needs before you arrived. Your pre-presentation survey proved to be very effective."

- Sabrina Johnson, University of Mary Washington

"Your presentation was exciting, very informative, full of humor, and really a lot of fun. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for innovative ways of team building, improving employee morale, increasing job performance, or trying to create a fun place to work."

- Patrese Hall, FOCUS (Fiscal Officers of Colleges and Universities)

"Steve Kissell is a master in demonstrating the value of humor. In today's environment of political correctness, Steve Kissell is able to clearly show that humor is avery effective way to improve moral and create a positive work environment."

- L.T. Parker, Paul D. Camp Community College


"Your presentation was great! With such enthusiasm, energy and understanding of human nature and its many foibles, you couldn't go wrong."

- Audrey Webb, The Virginia Self-Insurers Association, Inc

"Your detailed explanation reminded all of us of the complexity of the issues surrounding retirement planning. Your handout material was most enlightening and occasionally humorous. (The other parts of your presentation were hysterical!"

- Joe Thomas, Northern Virginia Chapter of Credit Unions

"Your presentation was outstanding and exactly what we needed. Bankers are always conservative and sometimes I think we take ourselves to seriously and forget the value of laughter. I was impressed with the way you were able to teach our staff about teamwork while working in the fun and jokes that you are so widely known for."

- Dick Glancy, Union Bankshares Corporation

"Thank you for being the most wonderful part of our annual meeting. You were definitely a hit and people here are still wearing funny glasses, saying your name, and laughing through the ice and the snow."

- Jacqueline Wilkes, Scott Insurance

"Everyone who attended agreed that you were the best 'outside' speaker we have had since we first opened our doors. You delivered your message - that laughter can make an organization a more enjoyable, productive place - with style, charm, and unmatchable humor."

- John Wolcott, USAS Property and Casualty Insurance

"We asked those who attended to provide us with feedback on the evening, the dinner and the entertainment (you). In the rankings you scored an A+."

- Lonnie Broussard, Financial Designs of Virginia, Inc.

"Thank you so much for taking the time to prepare and deliver an excellent presentation. The information you shared was timely and relevant - you contributed significantly to the success of the Conference."

- Paula Tignor, Virginia Bankers Association

"Your combination of humor and audience participation, tailored to our group, was absolutely perfect. So many of our members have commented on how much they appreciated the energy you brought to our annual meeting and everyone in attendance was laughing constantly from the moment you began."

- Maureen Romero, Norfolk Municipal Employees Federal Credit Union


"It is so refreshing to hear a comedian that keeps the presentation family orientated!"

- Tom Baybrook, President, Science Applications International Corporation

Thank you for all the years of fine laughter, training and support. You contributed to the success of our past programs of the last 12 years.
- C. Walker, Alpha Solutions

"Your fun, upbeat presentation had exactly the effect I wanted for our members to get them ready to attend workshops and learn during the meeting. You had them enjoying themselves at the beginning and they never stopped during the next 3 days!"

- Donna Stollfuss, Rocky Mountain Association of Fairs

"We had not had a professional speaker in some time due to some experiences that lead us away from that sort of presentation. Your subject matter and delivery change that for the future. We will do it again!"

- Peter Poe, Missouri Association of Fairs and Festivals

"Your outstanding ovation was a true testament to delivering a message that was customized and targeted. Simply put - you reached them! Well done."

- Jessica Meyer, Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau

"After your presentations I noticed a more energized, happy environment. Everyone was talking about how much they enjoyed the meeting. I have received nothing but positive feedback."

- T.C. Talbert, Virginia Power

"You really brought the right mix of message, energy and humor to the group. Knowing some of the more 'jaded' members of the audience, it was especially good to see them smile."

- Pete Hoelscher, Acxiom

"What can I say except, 'you brought the house down.' We knew when we contracted for you that you were good, but never in my wildest imagination did I ever think it would be so much fun!"

- Donald Welcomer, Pennsylvania Petroleum Association

"You were a hit at the banquet! Our conference guests were delighted with your entertainment. We especially want to thank you for making our group feel relaxed and enjoy themselves."

- Kyle W. Vickers, Missouri Governor's Conference on Agriculture


"The audience was comprised of all generations from toddlers through senior citizens - and Steve provided something for everyone that made us laugh wonder how he did it, and consider the Word of God as presented in this manner. We highly recommend Steve for your church, seminar on leadership conferences."

- James R Finn, Pastor of First Assembly of God, Twin Falls Idaho

"Your presentation was everything we had hoped for. Your style is very natural while at the same time humorous and very tasteful. It's rare that a speaker can captivate an entire audience - from young to old alike."

- Dean Woodward, Grace Bible Church, Virginia Beach

"Your presentation was like a 'breath of fresh air' for the ministers. You shared good information on how laughter can release stress in the ministry and mirrored a great presentation to create laughter."

- Larry O'Brien, Presbyter, Tidewater South Section Assemblies of God