Meeting Planners Toolkit

We've made it easy! We know all the work that goes into event planning, which is why we have made it easy for you to prepare for Stephen's visit. Make sure you check out each of the following items before the big day.

Presentation Checklist
To ensure a successful program, go through this checklist before Stephen's arrival.

Pre-program Questionnaire
We want to custom our program to your organization. Please complete this form and return it to Stephen prior to the scheduled program.

No worries about trying to write an introduction for Stephen. We've provided one for your convenience:

"Our speaker for (evening, morning, etc.) is Steve Kissell. Many things could be said about Steve, but the quote that best describes him reads: I laughed the first time I saw him! ...and that was said by his mother!....Please join me in welcoming Steve Kissell!"

Photos of Stephen
Need some photos to help promote your event? Feel free to use any of the following: